Hublot Classic Fusion Jean
Hublot Classic Fusion

Best Swiss Titanium Hublot Classic Fusion Jean Automatic Replica Timepiece

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Serious collector’s watches are one thing. Fun Hublot Classic Fusion Jean replica watches are one other thing. Fun collectors pieces are just in between, and here is the proof ! Today, Hublot unveiled a nice limited edition of its Classic Fusion.

A couple of months ago, as Picciotto was hanging around St Tropez, South of France, he saw some Hublot models with a dial and a strap in denim. Picciotto, one of the key men behind the rebirth of Hublot when Jean-Claude Biver gave it a brand new start, was not aware of it. But’s that not the most important thing : he thought there was a way to do better, based upon this denim idea.

Hublot Classic Fusion Jeans replica watch
Hublot Classic Fusion Jeans replica watch

The man behind the story is Laurent Picciotto, serious collector but above all founder and president of Chronopassion, one of the top 5 places in the world for haute horlogerie – and, thus, a trend setter. We’re not talking about an outstanding complication, or about the use of a never-seen-before ceramic. We’re just talking about a watch in….denim. Yes, a watch made out of a pair of jean’s !


A few phone calls later with the Nyon-based manufacture, Picciotto finalized his own personal jean’s piece. We were in May and the watch just landed in Chronopassion’s diplays this month. In fact, the guideline remains unchanged : a Jean dial Hublot Classic Fusion replica with a dial and a strap in denim. But Picciotto made several changes.

These two different sizes might mean two targets : men and women. However, some shall remember that 42 mm remains a large diameter for a woman’s wrist. Even if the piece is clearly positioned for the casual days, therefore with more freedom of style than for business days, it’s a big one. And, after all, 45 mm is not a small piece for men neither ! But that’s Hublot’s spirit and, in the end, a good thing that it’s has been respected with this Classic Jean’s.

Second, Picciotto added the killer-detail on the back of the watch. See that small label through the saphir back ? It’s the exact copy of the label to be found on pockets of traditional jean’s. Completely unuseful, completely stylish !

The limited edition as such will probably help it keeping a fairly high price in a near future, even if this kind of casual piece is quite unlikely to be seen in auctions someday. One more reason to keep it in his collection ! In the end, this mens fake Hublot Classic Fusion Jean’s might stand as a bet, but it’s one of the funniest to take these days.

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