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Know About Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Replica Watches 1

4. Manual wound movement has 20 complications and 1366 parts, including 32 bridges and 108 stones. It runs at a frequency of 25200 VPH, or 3.5 hz. A complete list of complications is shown in the following figure. All of these complications were included in a movement measurement was only 37 mm x 10.7 mm. This is an amazing feat of micro engineering.
5. All these problems are shown in the two dial of Patek Philippe Replica Watches, called the time scale and the calendar dial. Each dial is formed by the solid 18K gold disk.
6. In addition to the above mentioned patent case, the motion contains five additional patent mechanisms:
With the passage of time automatic alarm system: This is a mechanism, voice instructions for an hour, set the alarm time a quarter of an hour, minute strike with the bells patek philippe tourbillon replica chime mechanism.
Date relay: the mechanism obtains the date information from the calendar and forwards it to the duplicate mechanism.
In the mode of “Silence” Grande sonnerie isolation: this mechanism unlock Grande sonnerie from movement of the “Silence” of the mode selection, eliminate friction, power consumption.
Of strikework mode of operation selection: the mechanism allows automatic time strike is selected or with a single slip switch disable: Grande sonnerie, petite sonnerie or silence. Previously, 2 separate switches are required to make these settings.
Unique four digit years showed that this mechanism automatically synchronize a four digit year show the leap year cycle and allow in any direction show convenient correction.

This Fake Patek Philippe Cheap watch can be worn with the dial up, the most commonly used information – the current time and date are displayed on the dial.