Reviewing The Rose Gold Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Jaques-Dalcroze Special Edition
Hublot Classic Fusion

Reviewing The Rose Gold Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Jaques-Dalcroze Special Edition

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This Rose Gold Fake Hublot Classic Fusion special replica watch recognises the importance of rhythm in the charity work of Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. As a musician, he quickly sensed that body movement, when combined with a repeated sound or a piece of music, could help manage the muscle energy of children, as well as that of dancers and musicians.This unique piece will be put up for auction Wednesday 21 January at 7pm, at the Grand Hotel Kempinski, in Geneva. The profits from the sale will be donated to the Institute.

The rhythmics method named after him is an active and musical teaching method based on body movement which contributes to children’s cerebral and motor development.

To mark the centenary of the Institute, Hublot and designer Roger Pfund have paid homage to the Institute by creating a unique Hublot Classic Fusion Jaques-Dalcroze copy piece made of King Gold; its dial – technically exacting and complicated to produce – depicts a dancer in its centre, with the 18K gold seconds hand adopting the signature of Jaques-Dalcroze himself.

Today, the Institut Emile Jaques-Dalcroze, still based in Geneva, has several teaching centres in Geneva, Switzerland and abroad, as well as a network of numerous teachers. The Institute provides training for all the teachers and trainers and conducts research, particularly into fields that concern the older generation and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or mental disabilities. Every year, thousands of children, adults and professional musicians, dancers and actors benefit from being taught by instructors who are all trained in Geneva.

Shortly after the auction, Hublot will release a limited edition of the best fake Hublot Classic fusion Jaques-Dalcroze watch for sale in its boutiques.

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